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Our Oxbridge Statement Reviewers will analyse your statement line-by-line. They’ll make critical edits and point out all possible improvements until you’ve got the perfect statement.

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You'll receive expert written feedback on your personal statement via email in 48 hours - or less! Just in time for those UCAS deadlines.

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Read over your feedback, make those changes and then send back for final touches and a second look. Keep editing until your statement's perfect!

"My final personal statement turned out really well and I was very happy with it. It got me into Warwick, Leeds, Nottingham, Exeter and Bath. Thank you for everything!"

- Reiss V, Bristol University
"I got all 5 offers from Cambridge, LSE, Bath, Warwick and Nottingham!"

- Ashrita Maturu, London School of Economics
"Thank you for the lifesaving edits and guidance throughout the entire application process. Highly recommend to other students!"

- Ellie Hutchinson, Imperial College London
"Thanks for all the support, reviews and guidance! I received all 5 offers from Nottingham, Leeds, Birmingham, Southampton and Newcastle."
- Ingrid Christie, Nottingham Offer-holder

Our Expert Statement Reviewers

Andrew Mitson
Award-winning teacher at LSE & Oxford Summer School lecturer
Oliver Rutherford
Global University Advisor & Guest Lecturer at UCL
Liv Carmody
1st Class Cambridge History Graduate
Gagan Khurana
1st Class Oxford Physicist
Laila Rizvi
Oxford Biomedical Scientist
Soham Bandyopadhyay
Oxford University Medic
Molly Nichols
Oxford University Medic
Amin Al-Hussainy
Cambridge University Medic
Will Legood
Cambridge Law Graduate
Surya Kongara
Cambridge University Economist
Joe Duncan
Cambridge University Natural Sciences Graduate
Pranay Shah
Cambridge University Engineer

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All reviews cover...

Reducing Word Count
We'll make your statement more concise to meet the 4000 character limit.
Grammar errors
Hidden grammar errors can lose you an offer. We'll find and fix all of them!
Clarity errors
We'll make sure your statement is crystal clear for admissions tutors!
Line-by-line Analysis
We'll review your statement line-by-line to find all possible improvements.
Overall Summary Score
We'll score every part of your statement and advise on how to improve so you know where to focus!
Subject Specialist Insights
Our subject specialist reviewers will check your statement is technically accurate.


Is the personal statement really that important?


Yes - universities base up to 80% of their decision on your personal statement.

Before, universities could look at your Year 12 grades and make their decisions from there.

But very few schools still do Year 12 exams.

So universities now make their decisions based on your: 

• Personal statement
• GCSE grades
• Predicted A Level grades
• Reference

Universities know GCSEs aren’t a good indicator for success at university. 4 out of 5 predicted grades are wrong. And references are heavily biased.

What does that leave? Yes, the personal statement.

That's why universities now base up to 80% of their decision on your personal statement.

So crazy as it is - your statement really matters. It’s not the only thing that matters, but it really does matter.

In the words of Director of Admissions at Durham University: "The personal statement is crucial in helping admissions tutors identify students with the greatest merit and potential."

Are reviews available for all subjects?



We now have trained Specialist Statement Reviewers in (almost) every subject.

If you're applying for an extremely niche subject (e.g. Viking Studies), let us know on chat to double check but for all other subjects we'll have trained Statement Reviewers on-hand, specialised in your target subject.

Who will review my personal statement?


One of our Specialist Statement Reviewers.

1st Class graduates from Oxford, Cambridge and other elite Russell Group universities, our Specialist Statement Reviews have completed our 30-hour training course and are here to give you the most accurate feedback possible on your personal statement.

They'll leave detailed feedback on every possible improvement and make critical edits until your statement really is perfect.

My school already provides support with UCAS & the personal statement - do I need this? 


Unfortunately, the support at most schools just isn’t good enough.

Recent studies show 75% of teachers' personal statement advice is wrong, directly contradicting feedback from university admissions tutors.

Teachers are trained to teach, not to give personal statement or university application advice.

How long will it take to get feedback on my statement? 


You will receive detailed feedback from our Specialist Oxbridge Graduate Reviewers within 48 hours.

And sometimes even sooner!

We also offer a 24 hour express service if you're really in a rush! Speak to us on chat to organise.

Will you write my personal statement for me?





The Perfect Statement course gives you everything you need to write the perfect personal statement yourself - how to structure it, build narrative, what books/lectures to mention, how to reference them, make every word count...and everything in between.

Plus over 300+ super detailed examples and our interactive statement-builder.

But we cannot and will not write your statement for you!

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