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"The course videos and rewrites were really valuable in correcting errors in my application and helped me secure my place at Durham University!"

- Nathan Indrakumar, Durham University
"I managed to get an offer from Bristol University my first choice! Thank you so much for everything :)"

- Artin Keyhani, Bristol University
"The perfect statement course was a tremendous help in my Oxford application and fully prepared me for all aspects of the process."

- Liam Cooper, Oxford University Offer-holder
"I got all 5 offers from Cambridge, LSE, Bath, Warwick and Nottingham!"

- Ashrita Maturu, London School of Economics
"Thank you for the lifesaving edits and guidance throughout the entire application process. Highly recommend to other students!"

- Ellie Hutchinson, Imperial College London
"Extremely grateful for all of the help with my application! Overall I got offers from UCL, Queen Mary, Warwick and Bath."
- Adam Ferroudj, UCL

Meet the team

Andrew Mitson
Award-winning teacher at LSE & Oxford Summer School lecturer
Oliver Rutherford
Global University Advisor & Guest Lecturer at UCL
Liv Carmody
1st Class Cambridge History Graduate
Gagan Khurana
1st Class Oxford Physicist
Laila Rizvi
Oxford Biomedical Scientist
Soham Bandyopadhyay
Oxford University Medic
Molly Nichols
Oxford University Medic
Amin Al-Hussainy
Cambridge University Medic
Will Legood
Cambridge Law Graduate
Surya Kongara
Cambridge University Economist
Joe Duncan
Cambridge University Natural Sciences Graduate
Pranay Shah
Cambridge University Engineer


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